With the landscape season wrapping up, the leaves are cleaned up, gardens are put to bed and we are preparing the first snowfall, have we forgotten or overlooked seasonal displays for winter? Bright and cheerful displays of tulips, daffodils and crocus announce warmer happier days of spring. Bold and bountiful displays of annual flowers are all stars of the summer; filling your landscape with an explosion of blooms and color. Mums, cabbages and pansies mark the festive fall season. While the winter months can be cold and gray and landscapes are often forgotten and left barren. However, containers filled with seasonal winter displays can be a warm and welcoming boost for those winter doldrums.

Winter seasonal displays are not just for the holidays. Long lasting winter arrangements can be created that hold up to the harsh winter elements. Winter containers can be loaded up with colors, textures and interest. When determining what to put in our containers we can draw from what already exists in our landscape, such as adding cut greens, berries and branches. Pine, Cedar, Fir, Juniper and Boxwood are readily available and durable cut greens. Berries from Holly, Winterberry and even Rose Hips add pops of color. Branches, such as red and yellow twig dogwood, curly willow and birch can also add color and height to the arrangements.Winter Containment Arrangements | Paige Landscape Company | Walpole, MA Decorative elements like pine cones, dried pomegranates, dried astilbe, hydrangea and sedum are great additions. Consider adding some flare, such as lights to brighten it up at night. Or create a miniature garden using live plants like dwarf evergreens.

Designing winter seasonal containers can be easy and simple too. Start by selecting containers that can withstand the freeze; like metal, plastic and concrete. Ceramic and terra cotta tend to freeze and crack. Use a medium like top soil to create your arrangement in. Top soil is a little better than potting soil because it’s heavier and will hold the material better. When arranging consider the style that best suits your building or property. Is it more traditional versus modern or whimsical? Despite your style there are the same 3 elements of design to ensure the best impact. Filler, Thriller and Spiller. The filler is the body of the arrangement. Thrillers are the WOW element. Spillers cascade and soften the arrangement. Finally, treating greens with anti-desiccant spray such as Wilt Pruf to prevent the arrangements from drying out and to keep it looking it’s best for as long as possible.

Strategically located your winter seasonal containers at entrances for curb appeal or locations were tenants can view and enjoy them from indoor locations. Winter containers look great for the holidays and all winter long!

If you need assistance with winter container arrangements at your property or facility, contact us to discuss our commercial landscape maintenance services.